Brian Hopkins

Decided to sell my home, picked 3 realtors pretty much at random and let them make a presentation on why I should use them. Marie came back with a detailed plan of not only how she would market the house in this crazy year to include staging, professional pictures, 3D walkthrough, etc but also what she felt the house might be worth and presented that information with good comparisons of sold homes in the area. It was a very unique home and unique homes can be hard to sell, it takes the right person to come along to value it so it takes a good working realtor to really market it. Many others just wanted to do the usual thing and collect their fee. She had a plan, a price target and executed that plan. My highest compliment is that I have recommended her to my friends looking to list their homes; that I trust her to do right by my friends. I would use her again and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.