Boulder County

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    Some ask, what is Boulder County all about? In a few words: breathtaking views of the Rockies, trails that beckon both novice and mountaineer, culinary opportunities that await at every turn, a world-renowned university that literally turns out rocket scientists on a regular basis, and people who make their way in the world at an elevation of over a mile high; Boulder County is one of the most sought-after areas to live along the Front Range, many say the entire country. While Boulder and Longmont are the big cities of this county of a little more than 300,000, there are a number of towns, communities and hamlets that dot the landscape of this area.

    Communities in Boulder County include Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Niwot, and Lyons. Each of these towns offer their own take on Boulder County and each has their own unique downtown area full of local restaurants, shops, arts and culture that both residents and visitors enjoy.

    Folks who live in Boulder County enjoy over 110 miles of trails and over 20 open space properties. Some run along the creeks in the foothills, others are on the prairie, for example the Coal Creek trail runs thru most of the smaller towns in the county for a total of 14 miles.

    There is so to know about Boulder County. If you would like to learn more about the communities in this fantastic place to live – click here for your free relocation guide.


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