A Move to Longmont? Pros & Cons

When you are thinking about a move to Boulder County, many folks are attracted to Longmont, the second largest city in Boulder County. As you contemplate a potential move to this fantastic community, here are some pros and cons about living in Longmont.

Pro – Let’s start with the Biggie – If you like to hike, run, bike, play outdoors or just take in some breathtaking mountain views, Longmont may be the place for you! Boulder County has over 100,000 acres of open space that preserves the natural beauty that most folks think of when Colorado comes to mind. Locally, we love McIntosh Lake, located in the western part of Longmont. It has a three-mile loop (some paved, some dirt) that is dotted with parks. It’s at the top of our list because of the stunning view of Longs Peak that you see as you cruise around the edge of the lake.
If you want some hill hiking, Longmont is just minutes away from some of the best hiking in Colorado. One of our favorite places is a trail called Rabbit Mountain, just ten miles west of Longmont. A bit of a steep climb at first; but if you can hack the uphill at the beginning, the rewards are some pretty great Rocky Mountain views. If you are looking for other places, check out the Boulder Open Space website at Boulder County.gov. Be advised dog lovers, not all hiking is open to our four-legged friends, so make sure to check that out before you bring them along.

Con –It is getting more and more expensive to be able to live near all this beauty. Longmont’s housing prices are soaring. Longmont’s housing prices have jumped by 22% since 2021. While it is still for the moment the least expensive community in Boulder County, the average home price is over $650,000. And to make matters worse, there is virtually no building of new single family homes taking place in Longmont, which is putting a huge demand on the resale market of homes.

Pros –  If you commute, Longmont can be a good choice. It is 36 miles north of Denver (on average, around a 45-minute drive). It is located just off the I-25 Interstate Freeway. Longmont can be a commuter community to both Boulder and Denver, however many people work locally as well. It has easy access to I-25 as well as a highway known as “the Diagonal” which goes to Boulder. this makes Longmont a popular choice for folks who need to commute.

Con – No light rail. If light rail is high on your list of priorities for commuting, Longmont is not for you. While the Denver Metro area has a vibrant public transit system, and there are busses that can get you to Boulder, Denver and all around town, the light rail system is not in Longmont (actually, it’s not anywhere in Boulder County). The public transit system that is part of the greater Denver area is called as the Regional Transportation District (actually everyone knows it as RTD). If you would like to learn more about public transport options, check out RTD’s website. They have a great website and can give you a good idea of what options you might have if public transit is important to you.

Pro – if you like vibrant downtowns with cute shops and restaurants, Longmont is a great fit. One of the things we love about Colorado towns is that many of them have very vibrant downtown areas chock-full of shops and restaurants. Longmont is no exception. Its downtown has great restaurants that run the gambit of Irish pub fare, fantastic Indian food, to some of the best street tacos you could hope for; the culinary options are fantastic. In addition, the locally owned shops are a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

So that’s a wrap on some of the pros and cons of Longmont Colorado. We hope this has been helpful. Is there more to know? Absolutely! If you think that Longmont, or one of our other communities in beautiful Boulder County Colorado may be a fit for you, please reach out to us and we can chat more specifically about what you are looking for. If you want to learn more about the various communities in Boulder County click here to get your free Relocation Guide, or give us a call. We’d love to help you!

Have a great Day! – Teresa & Marie